Kinomap: How to create Videos for your exercise bike

Many hours during winter and lockdown I sat on my “Cardiostrong BX70i” exercise bike and cycled on may places arround the world: For that I connected the bike via bluetooth to an iPad and the Kinomap-APP. The APP has on the one hand the video of the tour and other cyclists using the same tour, on the other hand it feeds the bike with data like elevation, inclination to set the resistance of the bike.
The nice thing at kinomap is that you can upload your own videos along with data. This article shows how I created a 28 minute, 9.6km video of a ride in munich, germany.

  • Step 1: Create the Video
  • Step 2: Ride!
  • Step 3: Load Videos to desktop PC
  • Step 4: Put video together
  • Step 5: Extract geo-data
  • Step 6: Fix elevation problems
  • Step 7: Upload